The First of its Kind


Soleil Lofts represents a leap forward in utility demand management and sustainable energy for all.


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Soleil doesn’t look like your average power plant.


5.3 Megawatts of solar

Our partners at Solaria manufactured beautiful new high-capacity panels specifically for this project. All 26 buildings, covered parking for residents, and over 100 electric vehicle charging stations are powered by the sun.

12.6 Megawatts of Batteries

sonnen, the world leader in storage technology, provided over 600 ecoLinx batteries in each unit, to allow for emergency backup power and rapid-fire utility demand response. No more firing up a fossil fuel plant in the middle of nowhere - the power company has stored sunlight on hand anytime.

Microgrid of the Future

As life transitions away from unhealthy energy consumption patterns of the past, we are leading the charge with innovative, transformative designs to build our society upon. Auric’s vision is to make sustainable energy a part of everyday life. Soleil Lofts makes that vision a reality.


We are grateful for all of our partners on this incredible project.


Read our first press release on our blog here. Stay tuned for further updates - we’re just getting started.