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With utility costs on the rise, it’s never been a better time to find out how much solar costs - and how much it can save you.
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Exclusive Incentive from Auric Energy

We love our customers, and we love word-of-mouth. We would be thrilled to work with your friends, family, or colleagues who might benefit from solar power. Our way of saying thanks is our referral program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You refer someone to Auric for a free solar consultation.

  2. They choose Auric as their solar provider, and we start the install process.

  3. You get paid $500. It’s that simple.

  4. Here’s the best part - it doesn’t stop there. For each referral after your first, you get paid $1000.

No cap, no cutoff. And whether or not we’ve installed solar for you yet, you can still take advantage of this program. Learn more through our Advocate App.