Industry-Exclusive Financing

Step 1

With Auric Energy’s industry exclusive financing, you’ll begin your solar project with nothing out of pocket. There’s no money down, no payments, and no interest for the length of the promotional period.

Step 5

Step 2

Redirect the money that you were already spending on your power bill back into an investment on your home without increasing your monthly budget. This gives you the ability to claim the government incentives that are available to those that install solar power on their home.

Step 4

step 3

Once the promotional period has ended, your loan will automatically roll into easy monthly payments that are similar to what you were already paying with traditional power.

Eliminate Your Power Bill

Most customers see a full return on investment on their solar system within 7-10 years. But the benefits don’t end there — you’ll enjoy free power from the sun for decades to come. As energy costs continue to rise, you will enjoy a fixed, low monthly payment for your power—saving you money every month.



As power rates continue to fluctuate, investing in solar and locking in the cost of your power just makes sense. That’s why we offer no upfront costs and low monthly payments — because we understand that going solar is a big investment that should be available to everyone. We specialize in creating personalized solutions to save our customers’ money.

3 Ways to Pay

We offer unique solar system financing options that make solar energy affordable for every homeowner.  

  • Pay $0 today and a low monthly payment

    • Payments start one year from now after you have received your tax credits on your tax return while enjoying a lower power bill today.

    • This program is popular for those that do not want to pay anything out of pocket ever.

  • Pay $0 today—pay off your system after tax credits

    • Collect your tax credits on your tax return and pay off your entire system one year from now while enjoying a lower power bill today.

    • This program is popular for those who don’t want to pay for the portion of the system that the government is paying. You simply pay for the net cost (after solar tax credits) 1 year from purchase.

  • Pay for your system up front

    • Pay for your system in full and enjoy using solar power today, then collect your tax credits on your next tax return.

    • This program is popular for those that want to pay cash and move forward.

Government incentives make solar even more affordable. Federal government incentives knock as much as 30 percent off of the price of your total solar system, and many states offer tax credits and rebates as well.