How Solar Power Works

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Solar Panels

The sun produces enough energy in 15 minutes to supply the world with electricity for a year using today’s solar panel technology. Solar panels produce energy by using silicon to convert UV rays into electricity. Auric Energy uses high-efficiency solar panels that capture the free energy from the sun shining on your roof every day. And our panels are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.



We use the latest in inverter technology in our solar power systems. An inverter is essentially the brains of your solar system. It converts energy from the sun into energy you can use every day. Your system will be safe and free from bulky inverters and exposed wiring. Our inverters are efficient, non-invasive, and reliable.

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Net metering

A major hurdle to solar power adoption has been how to store the sun’s energy so you can use it when you need it. Net metering allows you to use your utility company to store your energy. Unlike a traditional power meter that spins in one direction, as you produce solar energy, your meter will literally spin backwards. Then, as you use electricity at night, the net meter allows you to pull energy from the grid so you have power 24-7.

Quality Installation

There is much more to solar than bolting panels to the roof. We understand how to design an efficient but aesthetically pleasing solar array because we have the most experience in the industry.

Our installers are trained by professionals with NABCEP certification – the highest in the industry. Coupled with our top tier North American made components, we make sure your install is done right and will last.

Affordable Financing Options and Tax Incentives

We understand that going solar is a big investment that should be available to everyone. We specialize in creating personalized solutions to save our customers money.

Government incentives make solar even more affordable. Federal government incentives knock as much as 30% off of the price of your total solar system, and many states offer tax credits and rebates as well.

Solar Blog

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