What Are The Smartest Home Improvements?

You can spend a lot on remodeling, but what’s your return on investment?

Are there any incentives for redoing your kitchen, backyard, or master bathroom?
Is your new fancy toilet going to save you money every month?

What if you could get at least 75-95% of your investment back as added value, with no change to your budget, and reap tax credits and other incentives as a reward? Thanks to our industry-leading solar program, you can have solar installed with nothing out of pocket. You could be cash-positive from day one, and continue to build savings and value for decades.

That’s true ROI.


Install Solar Panels

We’ll give you a custom proposal based on your specific home structure and family energy usage. There are thousands of dollars in incentives for qualified homeowners.

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How did we calculate this?

Don’t just take our word for it - a report from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab shows that solar is a solid investment for home value potential. Click below to find the data behind their numbers.