We are temporary stewards of a beautiful natural world.

Why wouldn’t we do everything in our power to leave our planet better than we found it?
It’s one of our abiding values as a company, and we’re sure you feel the same way.


Solar Power Cleans the Air

An incredible 30% of the world’s air pollution comes from traditional power plants. Switching to solar reduces your carbon footprint and represents an investment in the health of your community. In fact, choosing to go solar provides an incredible “return on environment”, equal to planting over 150 trees annually on an average home. Every single panel’s yearly output pulls hundreds of pounds of coal out of the furnace.

Zero maintenance, no lifestyle or budget changes, and eco-friendly to boot. Your neighbors should thank you.


Solar Production uses Minimal Resources

Skepticism that the manufacturing process reduces the eco-friendliness of solar is valid, but unwarranted. Silicon is the second most common element found in the Earth’s crust. The silicon used in panel manufacturing often comes from everyday sand. And modern solar panels repay their “energy debt” in just 2 years of operation.

Over the last 10 years, the amount of natural resources consumed in the production, and upkeep, of the world’s solar panel arrays is a fraction of what coal consumes across the board annually.

And unlike coal, oil, or gas, nobody is setting anything on fire after they dig it up.


no such thing as a “solar spill”

Reliance on fossil fuels means we’re exposed to hazardous materials in our backyard. Solar energy is clean from start to finish. No toxic runoff, no pipelines to leak or burst, no rigs to explode. We want a sustainable utility grid, and safe power supply chain, for all.

But please don’t stand in the sun for as long as your panels do. They won’t get sunburns, whereas you might get a little crispy.