The Power of Community

We believe in leaving our community better than we found it. That’s the heart of the Auric Echo Program. The Echo Effect combines the power of the Auric team with customers like you to create lasting impacts in our community and environment. From community support to environmental responsibility, small actions today have lasting ripples on our future.

We have the opportunity with what we do, every single day, to give back and to help the planet, and leave it a better place than the way we found it.
— Trent Vansice, Owner & President

The Echo Effect, just like a ripple, is about one small act
and how it can have an enormous impact.

One small act today will help people, the environment and the community for years to come. 
You’ve already taken the first step by putting solar on your roof. Help us put the Echo Effect into full force.

What We’ve Done

What We’re Doing