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Solar incentives for Idaho homeowners changing soon

by Auric Energy
Updated July 2019

First, A Few Reasons to Make the Switch:

You’ve likely thought about switching to solar energy with a local Idaho solar power company, but were never sure whether the technology, rebates, and financing would all come together. High-efficiency solar panels are now available from tried and trusted manufacturers, and changes in incentives have made solar power more accessible and affordable than ever. But those incentives won’t last forever.

Solar energy is quiet, clean, reliable, and renewable with no moving parts - which means zero maintenance and no lifestyle changes. Free energy is hitting your roof every day, and you can capture it. If you aren’t convinced yet that solar is the energy source for today, here’s a few more reasons why going solar is the best decision you can make:

  • Lock in your power bill (no more rising energy costs)

  • Pay for solar with money you were already paying the power company

  • Enjoy tax incentives at both the state and federal levels

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and clean up the inversion

  • Zero maintenance required

  • Increase the overall value of your home

  • Expert installation will not void your roof warranty

  • Benefit from an industry-leading 25-year craftsmanship warranty

  • 25-year manufacturer warranties on all components

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Idaho is Ideal for Solar Power — Top 10 Solar States in the U.S.

The sun produces enough energy in 15 minutes to supply the world with electricity for a year using today’s solar panel technology. That means that you have the ability to stop renting and own your own solar power at your Idaho residence.

In fact, Idaho (and Boise specifically) is one of the most prime locations for solar power! The state’s average solar daylight hours, when the amount of clouds and snow is taken into account, are well above the required level for solar access. That means that there is a significant amount of solar radiation available for use.

Overall, Idaho has a great balance of sunlight for production, moisture to clean the panels, and temperatures to maintain optimum production. Unlike some southwestern states where rooftop temperatures can top 90 degrees or more year-round, Idaho solar panels get a nice ski vacation most years (tickets to Bogus not included).

So, what’s changing for Idaho homeowners?

Incentives are great right now, but won’t last forever.


30% Federal Tax Credit: Idaho homeowners who install solar in 2019 will qualify for the full 30% credit. That’s around $6,000-7000 for the average homeowner. But if solar is installed in 2020, that credit is only 26% - reduced by a thousand dollars or more.

Idaho State Tax Deduction: Idaho homeowners who install solar in 2019 will qualify for up to a $5,000 deduction 4 years in a row. Other nearby states like Oregon and Utah have eliminated or phased out state incentives, so it’s best to capture savings before any changes are put in place.

Net Metering Programs: Idaho homeowners who install solar in an area supported by Idaho Power will qualify for the current net metering program, which guarantees 1-to-1 rates locked in. However, if the current net metering program meets its cap before the solar is installed, customers may not have that same guarantee. Idaho Power is currently gathering data for a rate change assessment, so it’s best to lock in guaranteed savings before changes are proposed.

Additional Incentives: There may be additional incentives available that a solar energy expert will explore case-by-case. Small businesses and agriculture are especially likely to have additional advantages.


Use the Most Advanced Technology to Maximize Your Return on Investment

At Auric Energy, we use only the latest technology in our solar power systems which provide:

  • Easy expandability with no excess cost to the home or business owner

  • Personal monitoring access via smart phone applications and online access, providing health & performance analytics of your solar panel system

  • Lifetime monitoring of your solar system and components with automatic alerts to you

  • Industry leading 25-year manufacturer warranties

  • Safety and aesthetics

  • Increased performance due to a low efficiency loss during inversion

  • Easier, faster, and cleaner solar system installation which means lower cost to the home or business owner

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