Solaroo Energy acquired by Auric Energy


We are excited to announce that Solaroo Energy is now part of Auric Energy. As part of the Auric organization, our combined teams have unprecedented access to the best products and services, while maintaining the highest level of quality commitments to our customers.

Read the press release here.


Why did the business make this change?

Solaroo hit a growth spurt, and the company leadership decided to seek out business partners who had existing infrastructure to support that growth. Auric Energy has a strong framework in multiple states, and has received numerous accolades for consecutive years of business growth since opening in 2010. Through multiple meetings, we found that Solaroo and Auric are cut from the same cloth when it comes to quality, integrity, and caring about a job done right.

I still see the kangaroo - why haven't the website and logos changed?

We're merging our platforms over the coming months. Both websites have great resources for existing and future customers, and changing brands is a process. You might still see a bright yellow Prius driving down the road here and there for a little while. Whether you see the kangaroo or the Echo symbol, Solaroo and Auric are one company now, so you'll be getting taken care of by the best in the industry no matter what. Click here to get a quote.

I'm an existing Solaroo customer - what's changing for me?

Great news - you still have your manufacturer’s warranties and if you need assistance, Auric’s customer service team is here to help. For any other clarification on your specific needs, please reach out to the Auric customer service line at 855-33-AURIC.

This is only one of the bigger announcements for our company in 2019 – stay tuned, the coming months will have many more!