How To Save Thousands on Solar

For decades, getting solar panels was synonymous with getting sticker shock. Solar is now more affordable than ever with the help of government incentives.

Let’s take a look at an example.

This family’s solar system and installation came in at $42,966.

The federal tax incentive takes care of 30% of the total price, at $12,889.80.

State tax incentives may be available depending on where you live. This Utah family will use the state’s $2,000 tax credit.

Now the family will only pay $28,076.20 for their solar system, which will roll into monthly payments structured to fit their needs. With a ten-year payment plan, this family will now pay $233.97 every month instead of $358.05, the amount it would have been before tax credits. That's almost a $125 difference every month and nearly $1,500 annually! 

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