How Solar Saves Businesses Money

When new opportunities arrive, successful businesses don’t fear embracing change. Solar energy is completely changing the way we power our day-to-day lives, including how we power our businesses. Understanding the opportunity that solar energy offers your business will put you in a better position to serve your customers.

Choosing your power.

For centuries, coal was the only viable energy source available. In a virtual energy monopoly, the cost of powering a business wasn’t something people had a choice in. The utility named its price, and you either accepted it or kept the lights off. But technological advancements have created a new alternative energy source that is just as reliable, environmentally friendly, and a better financial decision for businesses. You now have the choice to choose how to power your business.

Affordable energy.

The typical model of paying for power is similar to renting an apartment. Rather than owning the means of producing electricity, businesses will pay the local utility company to use their power plant to generate the electricity they need. Essentially, a business is renting their power from the power company. When you pay for electricity, you pay for the power and the infrastructure that brings it to you. So why not save money by owning your own power production?

Solar array at Conservice's office building.

Solar array at Conservice's office building.

It’s essentially the difference between owning and renting a home. By owning solar panels, you will save money on power bills and avoid power rate increases from the power company. But just how much money can solar save your business?

Just how much?

There are a few variables that determine the cost of switching to solar. A business like Rio Tinto Soccer Stadium has different power needs than a Chevron gas station. In order to give you an accurate price, our Energy Consultants will evaluate your energy bills and location to determine your specific needs.

Instead of requiring businesses to pay for their solar panels all upfront, we offer special financing with monthly payments similar in price to your previous energy bill. Unlike your energy bill, however, these rates are locked in, helping you avoid frequently increasing energy prices. You’ll also receive a tax incentive to switch to solar. For example, in Utah, state and federal tax credits will pay for roughly 70% of your solar energy system. Most businesses pay off their system within 5-7 years. Think about what that means: instead of paying regular energy bills for the rest of your life, you can completely eliminate your electricity bill in 5-7 years. This frees up cash to use in other areas of your business and provides you with a competitive advantage.

The time is now.

Switching to solar is easy and affordable. As the most positively reviewed solar company in the United States, you can trust that we will put your needs first. Don’t keep throwing money away needlessly. Request a quote from one of our Energy Consultants today!