Building a Green Energy Playbook

Save some money, or save the planet?

We need basic things like air to breathe, water to drink, and electricity to run our modern society. And none of those should be dirty, right? We’re all temporary stewards of this beautiful old planet. No matter how advanced we think we’ve become, we can’t lapse into bad habits. The creeping, crawling, ever-present influence of human negligence needs champions to fight it, or else we won’t have a highly-functional society and healthy environment to live in.

Unfortunately, our society is built on very outdated concepts of generation, distribution, and consumption. Just sitting on the couch hoping the world will improve isn’t realistic.

The downstream effects of our decisions are sometimes hard to conceptualize. If your trash bin gets emptied on time, you don’t give it another thought. Out of sight, out of mind.

But what if you saw every trash bag you throw away in a year, stacked up all at once on your doorstep? What if you saw the entire pile of coal that was burned to power your home last year?


Thankfully, sustainable energy options are moving into the spotlight across the country. You can save the world while sitting on the couch, by making good energy decisions. Advances in technology and new modes of management are getting to a better energy economy for all Americans - but we need savvy, capable citizens to keep making good decisions.

Some people argue that saving the planet and saving money are diametrically opposed. Some people might stubbornly dig in their heels at the first mention of proposals to shift the “status quo”. The unfortunate truth is that, despite employing a fraction of the workforce compared to renewables, huge dividends to the fossil fuel industry come out of taxpayer pockets each year. This status quo is in desperate need of change.

Here’s our case for sustainable energy to shake it up:



Skepticism that the manufacturing process reduces the eco-friendliness of solar is valid, but unwarranted. The silicon used in panel manufacturing often comes from everyday sand. Silicon is the second most common element found in the Earth’s crust. And unlike coal, oil, or gas, nobody is setting anything on fire after they dig it up. Modern solar panels repay their “energy debt” in just 2 years of operation.

Over the last 10 years, the amount of natural resources consumed in the production, and upkeep, of the world’s solar panel arrays is a fraction of what coal consumes across the board annually. Anything else you could use that for, off the top of your head?



Reliance on fossil fuels means we’re exposed to hazardous materials in our backyard. Solar energy is clean from start to finish. No toxic runoff, no pipelines to leak or burst, no rigs to explode. We want a sustainable utility grid, and safe power supply chain, for all.

But please don’t stand in the sun for as long as your panels do. They won’t get sunburns. You might get a little crispy.



An incredible 30% of the world’s air pollution comes from traditional power plants. Switching to solar reduces your carbon footprint and represents an investment in the health of your community. In fact, choosing to go solar provides an incredible “return on environment”, equal to planting over 150 trees annually on an average home.

Every single panel’s yearly output pulls hundreds of pounds of coal out of the furnace. Less air pollution means fewer premature deaths and lowered healthcare costs for everyone. Your neighbors should thank you.



Did you know that a massive portion of energy produced by traditional power plants gets dumped into the ground at the end of every day? And a big chunk of your bill is basically a “service fee” for doing it - how does that make you feel? Like an open palm waiting for a handout?

Switching from traditional power plants means no longer accepting wasteful, inefficient systems with lots of middlemen. Solar and other energy-efficiency products & services will close the loop. Stop the buck where it matters: back in your pocket.

Energy Ownership Instead of Endless Rent Checks

download (2).png

The power company is generally reliable when it comes to two things: providing electricity and sending you the bill. They might even include helpful energy-saving tidbits like occasionally adjusting your thermostat. But let’s say you want a long-term plan. Can you get one from them? Their interests lie in charging you as a consumer for as long as they can, so it’s unlikely.

Your energy needs might change as a homeowner as you get new gadgets, upgrade old appliances, or patch leaks. As a business owner or facility manager, those needs get immensely more complicated and expensive.

In either case, you can set up a green energy playbook to save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, over the coming years. We’ve got the technology and the expert knowledge to build that custom plan with your best interests at heart.

Or… you could just keep paying whatever the power company decides you owe them.

We are like tenant farmers, chopping down the fence around our house for fuel, when we should be using nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy -
sun, wind, and tide.
— Thomas Edison

We’re all motivated by different things. Gratitude. Financial security. A sense of accomplishment. Pride in doing the right thing. There are any number of rewards or driving forces that make us do something.

At the end of the day, what motivates people to go green? It’s pretty simple, actually. Most people want to save money, or save the planet. What if you can do both? What matters to you?

Auric wouldn’t have almost 6,000 customers - and the U.S. wouldn’t have over 60 gigawatts of solar installed - if it didn’t save money. The environmental benefits of decarbonizing our economy should be fairly self-evident. Auric’s solar customers plant equal to nearly one million trees a year through clean energy generated. (How likely are you to plant one tree a year? It’s a surprising amount of work!)

Let’s wrap up with an analogy.

Next time you go to pay your power bill, a new option pops up. It says: “Pay your balance due, and plant 3-5 trees at the same time.”

Hey - that’s about the same payment as you already make! Maybe give or take a few dollars, so you read a little further.

The fine print says: “This amount will never change, and will eventually go away entirely in several years, without any interruption to your daily electric needs. The number of trees planted in this manner will continue to stack every year. If you tell your neighbors to sign up for this service, you’ll receive a check in the mail.”

You guessed it - that’s the Auric service guarantee in a nutshell. The environmental impact you can make with this simple decision lasts for decades.

Maybe you feel a little bit of “climate inaction guilt” and want to alleviate that. Maybe you want to make your boss happy by saving a fat stack of cash. Maybe you want to be part of the “I did it before it was cool” group. Maybe you hate watching the smoke drift overhead from the wasteful, inefficient systems shoveling thousands of your dollars into a coal furnace.

Regardless of your motivation, you can do it. We’re just happy we can help.