"First of its Kind" Solar and Storage Project in Utah

Auric Energy is excited to announce our most ambitious project to date: Soleil Lofts.


Soleil Lofts is a sustainable energy residential community with over 5 MW of solar and nearly 13 MW of battery storage, which will also serve as a “Virtual Power Plant” for the local utility.

The unique partnership between sonnen, the Wasatch Group, Rocky Mountain Power and Auric Energy provides a first-of-a-kind network of solar powered battery storage systems, better known as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). This project catapults the potential for sustainable energy to provide for the greater good of the community and the electric system.

Soleil Lofts battery backup storage

 The Soleil Lofts apartment community in Herriman, Utah is designed as an all-electric residential community. With on-site energy storage in every unit, in the form of over 600 individual sonnen ecoLinx batteries, everyone in the community has emergency back-up power - but that’s only a side benefit.

The truly innovative aspect is daily management of peak energy use, and demand response for the overall management of the electric grid.

Soleil Lofts clubhouse 1MW battery and solar

 “The combination of solar and long lasting, safe, intelligent energy storage managed by the local utility is an essential component to the clean energy grid of the future. The solar industry should find inspiration in this extraordinary project, as it provides a blueprint for the future of renewable energy,” said Blake Richetta, Chairman and CEO of sonnen Inc.

 "As the developer of Soleil Lofts, we started with the firm belief we could build a community that was solving the Salt Lake Valley's serious air quality issues today and in the future. That belief led us to partner with Rocky Mountain Power, sonnen and Auric Energy for the development of an all-electric community utilizing solar and batteries." said Dell Loy Hansen, CEO of the Wasatch Group. “Early in the design process it was clear that sonnen was the leader in battery solutions to meet the needs of this project and others like it. Soleil Lofts is based on the fact that sonnen’s ecoLinx is the safest, longest lasting battery which can deliver utility grid services for decades of operation.”

Soleil Lofts aerial view 5MW solar 13MW batteries

 "Not only does Soleil Lofts all-electric community help improve air quality along the Wasatch Front in Utah, the project will create a platform for managing batteries for other customers, as well. This partnership enables an innovative solution to provide low-cost utility services, not otherwise possible. We are honored to work with customers, such as the Wasatch Group, to help innovate for the future and make the lives of all our customers better every day," said Gary Hoogeveen, Rocky Mountain Power CEO.

 Residents will begin moving into the Soleil Lofts apartments in September 2019 and the final building will be complete in December of 2020. Upon completion, the Soleil Lofts community will be the largest fully installed and operational residential battery demand response solution in the United States.

Auric Energy is proud to partner with sonnen, the Wasatch Group, and Rocky Mountain Power on this groundbreaking project.

The Soleil Lofts Virtual Power Plant official unveiling will take place at a special event held in conjunction with the Solar Power International show in Salt Lake City the week of September 23. Contact marketing@sonnen-batterie.com for more information about the event. If you are a developer or utility that would like to discuss a project proposal like this one, please reach out via our Commercial contact form.