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Solar power is nothing new to most people. It’s not hard to find solar panels on roofs, in a field, or up on carports almost anywhere in the country.

But it’s hard not to wonder: what’s happening behind those panels? Are they really powering everything? There’s often more to it than meets the eye. Despite the growth of solar around the world, many homeowners are still skeptical that solar is capable of powering their whole home.

Knowledge is power. And knowing how much power you’re using, and producing, is the next chapter in modern homeownership.

First, it’s important to understand how solar integrates with your home and the power company. Consider the “bucket” analogy:


Imagine that your home or business is a bucket full of electricity. Without solar, you’re always filling the bucket from the power company. With solar, the home or business uses sunshine to fill the bucket first. On sunny days, your bucket will usually overflow, and the utility meter will run backwards. At night, the power company takes over filling the bucket again, but your bill will reflect how much power you’ve already exported during the day.

The question becomes “how do I know how big my bucket is?”

That’s where whole-home energy management comes in. Features like consumption monitoring, smart thermostats, batteries and more can be incorporated into a new or existing solar array.

We like to think of it as “Solar Plus”. Solar plus storage, solar plus roofing/structural enhancements, solar plus energy management… you name it! The options that can be incorporated into a solar project are plentiful.

Smart Home Upgrades: Consumption Monitoring & Learning Thermostats

If you have solar already, you probably have an app that shows you hourly or daily solar production. But, just as the image above demonstrates, its hard to get a complete picture of your home’s energy usage. The solar monitoring app just tells you what it’s cranking out. The utility meter only sees the excess production, once your home has already used a big chunk. Who wants to do all that math every month?

Consumption Monitoring is the solution. The app will show you how much power your home or business is using. Depending on the make and model of your solar components, this feature can often integrate into your current solar monitoring setup.


Consumption Monitoring is a one-time upgrade that works in tandem with the existing system. It’s recommended for new and existing solar customers that want more information about their energy usage.

Our Smart Home Upgrade also comes with the option for a smart thermostat. Almost everyone has heard of the Nest. But did you know that you can control the Nest through the Enphase solar monitoring app as well? An Enphase-equipped solar home gives complete control over the energy used for heating & cooling, and info on power production & consumption, all at once.

Your home’s energy production and consumption is at your fingertips.

Whole-Home Storage Batteries

Did someone say “off-the-grid?” The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here: whole-home storage for all the solar energy you produce!

Auric Energy is one of only a few Tesla-certified PowerWall/PowerPack installers in the states we serve. And unlike many competitors, we actually get our hands on the products we advertise. Auric has already completed a PowerPack installation for a business in St. George, UT, allowing for complete renewable-energy-powered operations.

Auric’s first PowerPack installation in St. George lets this business run on renewable energy around the clock.

Auric’s first PowerPack installation in St. George lets this business run on renewable energy around the clock.

Auric also recommends and installs Sonnen Batteries, a global leader in safety and quality for home storage systems. Sonnen has over 26,000 storage systems up and running around the globe. Many homeowners have already chosen the worry-free option that Sonnen provides over the clunky, messy batteries of the past.


So, which will you choose?

We’ve spent many months exhaustively researching the best options that we can offer our customers. Auric’s battery-certified consultants are ready to advise homeowners or business owners on which option fits your project needs the best.

Existing and new customers alike can make a request through our online order form or by calling 801-505-WATT (9288).

Backup Generators

Not into batteries, but still want some guarantee against power outages? A backup generator will power your whole home without interruption.

While it’s not considered a renewable energy source, natural gas is inexpensive and less carcinogenic than coal incinerators, which many utility grids still rely too heavily on. And the amount of time a generator will need to run is minimal, so your carbon footprint won’t swell up by all that much - you’ve made up for it with the solar already.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

It’s hard to miss all the Teslas, Leafs, Volts and others on the road these days, zipping between all their fossil-fuel-guzzling cousins. If you’re one of the lucky drivers, or thinking about becoming one, the most important step is to hook up the plug in your home. Let us put together an EV charger quote through our online order form or by calling 801-505-WATT (9288).

If you don’t have solar to power that car yet: does it make sense to plug a clean electric car into that mix of dirty energy from the power company? We can help you with that too.

Solar Fans, Insulation, & Radiant Barriers


Heating and cooling represent the bulk of most households’ energy consumption. No matter how smart your thermostat is, it can’t stop the heat invading your home from outside.

Boost your efficiency and beat the heat with all of these “attic accoutrements”!

  • A poorly-ventilated attic can reach 150 degrees in summer. Solar attic fans will automatically pull all that hot air.

  • Radiant barriers (think “NASA space tinfoil”) can prevent the heat from reaching your interior from the very start. Solar radiation gets bounced right back and never even hits your thermostat.

  • More insulation never hurt anyone. Proper insulation acts exactly like a sponge: a bigger sponge will soak up more of what you need it to.

Request a quote for these additional products through our online form. If you’re not sure what you need, you can also request an energy audit to determine your home’s weak points.

Field Service/Solar Inspections

It’s fine to talk about add-ons like these, but what if the solar you already have isn’t working properly? If you chose Auric to install your original solar system, you already know about dedication to craftsmanship and service.

If you chose a different company, that’s okay too! Solar is a good thing, and Auric is here to make sure your investment works for you.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Auric Field Service program. Auric’s fully-licensed solar specialists will fix a number of issues, including:

  • Re-roofing projects requiring uninstall and reinstall

  • Adding or replacing panels on an existing solar array

  • Inverter issues – microinverters or string inverters/optimizers

  • Wiring/conduit/electrical problems

Are you having a hard time contacting your solar contractor? Maybe they’re too busy to service your system, or just aren’t getting back to you in a timely manner. Maybe they’ve left town, or maybe they’ve left the solar industry entirely.

Auric is here to stay, and we’ve got your back. Call 801-505-WATT (9288) today and ask to speak with a Field Service technician, or visit our Solar Services page.

Our Vision Statement

Auric’s vision is to make sustainable energy production and consumption a standard way of life.


We hope you’ll join us in being part of the solution for the world’s energy needs.