Auric Helps Drive Energy Policy at State Level

As covered in this Deseret News article, several Auric employees have been busy during the Utah legislative session to drive a key sustainable energy policy forward.

Utah is currently considering a grant to help consumers and businesses pay for energy storage systems incorporated with renewable energy production. The benefits of a stable grid and improved independence for consumers are fairly self-evident, but it still requires the experts to explain why and then get the work done right. That’s where the Auric team comes in.

Jason Grimes, our director of design & engineering, spoke to the House & Senate committees to educate them on the practical application of residential & commercial battery systems. Elias Bishop, our director of government affairs and public policy, has also been hard at work advocating for sensible renewable energy policies. Randy Hansen, one of our senior energy consultants and battery experts, assisted Elias in finding the “goldilocks” zone for the proposed incentive.

But that’s not all - we are hard at work on other bills across multiple states. Our energy experts in Idaho have been educating legislators in an effort to pass a pro-solar HOA bill. In Oregon, our crew is hard at work writing letters and contacting legislators about a solar + storage grant similar to the Utah bill. We have tax simplification, utility transparency, and many more issues on the docket.

We are fortunate to have all of these incredible individuals on our team, and are constantly striving to make our communities stronger through advocacy and action. Keep up the great work on behalf of everyone!

Elias and Jason on their most recent visit to Capitol Hill

Elias and Jason on their most recent visit to Capitol Hill