Nevada Restores Net Metering for Existing Solar Customers


Since December 2015, solar companies in Nevada have been forced to cut staff and essentially cease operations in the state after the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) announced their decision to eliminate net metering for solar customers. The unexpected and controversial ruling stated that solar customers in Nevada would not be credited for their excess power and those who installed solar before the new rule would not be grandfathered in. Since then, the solar industry has fought to have the ruling reversed and have a fairer rate structure implemented.

Big Win for Rooftop Solar Industry

In a big win for the solar industry, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) approved an agreement that will bring back more favorable rates to 32,000 solar customers who already own a rooftop solar system in the state. The new rate plan was part of an agreement reached between NV energy and SolarCity. “This agreement is a victory not only for 32,000 solar customers in Nevada, but also for all Americans who expect these investments to be protected,” Jon Wellinghoff, SolarCity’s chief policy officer said in a statement. The vote in Nevada is the latest development in the rapid growth of rooftop solar and long-term benefits that have sparked that growth.

Residential Solar Panels in Utah & Idaho

As one of the fundamentals of solar power in Utah and Idaho, net metering is a major factor in why solar power has become more affordable than ever, allowing solar customers to earn credits and pay less for their energy bill. If you’re ready to put solar panels on your home, contact the experts at Auric Solar today at (801) 921-5240  to schedule your FREE energy consultation!