How to Stop Wasting Money on Your Power Bill

When it comes to powering your everyday life, where you get your energy can make a big difference to your bank account. If you are like the vast majority of people, chances are that you get your power from your local utility company. But is that really the smartest way to power your everyday life? Or are you wasting your hard-earned cash?

Renting Your Power

When you rent a home, you pay your landlord each month to use their property. And even if you paid your rent for decades, you would never own that property yourself. That structure is similar to how most people pay for their power. Instead of owning their means of producing energy, they pay a utility company each month, essentially “renting” their power.

Just like renting a home, paying your power bill will never end in you owning the power plant. In fact, by continuing to “rent” your energy you can count on paying a power bill for the rest of your life. And just like a landlord and rent, power companies are notorious for raising their rates, sometimes as high as 10% year over year. But thanks to the maturation of solar panel technology, owning your power is now a practical and affordable alternative.

Owning Your Power

Owning your own power vs. paying the power company is like the difference between paying rent and paying your mortgage. While paying rent will never let you own your home outright, your mortgage ends with you owning your house and eliminating a bill. Switching to solar is the same way.

It works like this: an energy consultant evaluates your home’s energy usage and location. Then solar array design experts then create a custom system that both meets your home’s energy needs and is aesthetically pleasing. Meanwhile, we set up a payment plan for the panels, which includes one year of no payments while you wait for your federal and/or state tax credits to come through. Our end goal is simple: replace your monthly power bill with a lower payment on solar panels. This results in you saving money in the short-term on your month-to-month payments and saving money in the long-term by eventually owning your solar panels outright.

It Just Makes Sense

Solar energy is a simple decision. Not only does it save you money by replacing your monthly power bill, but you can completely eliminate the need to pay someone to help generate your power. Stop wasting money renting your power and switch to solar today!