3 Things You Don’t Know About Solar

#1 The Solar Industry is Growing Exponentially

The solar industry has drastically changed in the span of just a few years. It’s no longer the niche industry it once was, and solar is now one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. In fact, 1-in-50 jobs created in 2016 were in the solar industry.

This growth is the combined result of technological advancements and a growing awareness of just how practical solar energy is. As more people learn how much money renewable energy can save them, demand for solar has exponentially increased. In fact, since 2006, solar installations have had a compound annual growth rate of 60%.


#2 Solar Energy is More Affordable Than You Think

Looking back only 10 years ago, solar panels were a rare sight. Solar was just too expensive! But recent innovations have completely changed the game. Now it’s commonplace to have a neighbor with solar panels on their roof. But these changes aren’t just happening in our neighborhoods. On average worldwide, solar energy is now more affordable than wind and coal power. In the United States, many people are deciding to invest in owning affordable solar energy systems instead of shelling-out for ever-increasing power bills. Why keep wasting money to pay someone to generate your electricity when you could produce it yourself?

Source: Bloomberg

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#3 One Home Switching to Solar Has a Big Environmental Impact

Solar energy doesn’t just make sense for your wallet. It also has a big impact on our environment. Just look at what the average home’s electricity usage is equivalent to:

  • 7,499 pounds of coal burned
  • 791 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 6.7 acres of forest worth of annual carbon sequestration

Switching to solar means less greenhouse gases and less need for environmentally damaging energy production. This helps us preserve our beautiful natural environments for ourselves and generations to come.

Source: EPA, based on an annual usage of 10,000 kilowatt-hours

Solar Can Power Your Everyday

Solar power’s time has arrived. By replacing a power bill with affordable, clean energy that you can own, people are realizing that renewable energy is no longer a pipe dream. In fact, the cost of doing nothing and powering our homes the old way is more expensive than embracing the renewable energy future. Solar energy is here to stay.

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