Auric Sponsors Jr. Robotics Team for World Championship

For Inspirations and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) will celebrate its annual Robotics Championship this April in St. Louis, MO. Utah’s very own Jr. Robotics team, Robo Musketeer, was selected to compete in the international robotics championship. Reaching more than 25,000 children, mentors, and parents, the competition combines sport with the challenge of science and technology. FIRST has several programs that are meant to inspire young people to become more involved in science, technology, engineering and math.

The team began developing prototypes of simple projects around the community for FIRST’s “Waste Wise” challenge, which is about understanding the process of making and disposing trash. During this challenge, the children were eager to learn how to preserve electricity, food and water. Our team at Auric Solar stepped in and taught the children the concept of clean solar energy. We gave the children a personal tour of Rio Tinto Stadium and explained the importance of solar power and how it can help the world.

In addition to coaching and mentoring, Auric Solar is sponsoring the team for the FIRST Robotic Championship. When approached for sponsorship, Bobby Gibson, Marketing Manager at Auric Solar said, “It’s important for us to get the kids there and encourage them to do what they like.”


Shilpa Guaba, the coach of Robo Musketeer said, “As the coach for the team, I feel humbled by all the support the kids are getting.” Auric Solar is thrilled to be supporting the children and will be attending the Robotics Championship in April 2016. We recognize how important it is to help people throughout the entire community. With the help of our employees, Auric Solar continues to make a positive impact in local communities.

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