Auric Solar is the leader in reviews on SolarReviews

SolarReviews’ Top 50 Most Reviewed Solar Installer Partners Gain More Reviews

Lakewood, CO, April 20, 2015. SolarReviews congratulates its 50 most reviewed solar installers.

SolarReviews continues to amass a huge amount of unsolicited reviews of people and businesses that have had solar power installed in the U.S. The site has accumulated well over 15,000 such reviews from customers. Of those, more than 20 percent (over 3,240 reviews as of mid-April 2015), are attributed to just 50 of the more than 2,500 solar installers listed on

SolarReviews introduced its “Top 50 Most Reviewed Solar Installer Partners”list last fall to help show how customer-generated reviews help consumers and business owners make more informed decisions about going solar. Since then, many of SolarReviews’ Installer Partners have seen their number of customer-generated reviews increase—in some cases significantly. A few of those top 50 have now attracted more than 100 reviews from their satisfied customers.

“SolarReviews’ Top 50 Solar Installers by Reviews are changing as more people add their experiences with installers to,”said SolarReviews President Jamie Lakes.“48 of the solar installers that have generated the most reviews at SolarReviews have achieved Pre-Screened Solar Pro accreditation status, showing not only that these companies have generated a significant number of reviews, they’ve also provided excellent service to their customers.”

Auric Solar (formerly SolarTek Solutions) based in Utah, definitely understands the value of positive reviews. With more than 220 positive customer reviews, Auric Solar is the leader in generating reviews on SolarReviews.

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