5 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Power Bill

Do you know how much the average American family spends on power?

What would you rather do with that monthly bill? Here are some tips to redirect that cash.


Install Solar Panels

For nothing out of pocket, you can get solar panels installed on your roof and cut that power bill down.

Auric Solar can eliminate up to 100% of electric charges for qualified homeowners. It’s easy to see how your savings stack up.

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replace old appliances

If your major appliances aren’t Energy Star certified, they might be costing you more than you think. HVAC systems, water heaters, dishwashers and fridges are all prime candidates to boost your efficiency and reduce expenses.


get a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats learn your habits, and maximize the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling.

We offer Nest Thermostats as part of our Smart Home Upgrade packages. Whether you have solar now or get it later, we can give you a jump start on your savings.

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Add insulation & Seal Leaks

Homes aren’t perfectly sealed bubbles. Even newer homes have plenty of places where air, and therefore energy, will get in and out.

Adding insulation to your attic, plugging leaks and cracks around your windows and doors, and other inexpensive, easy projects can help bring down your monthly energy debt. Every little bit helps!


upgrade to led lighting

Lighting accounts for anywhere from 10-25% of the average home’s electric usage. There’s plenty of room to save if you cut down each bulb’s individual power draw.

We offer LED packages as part of our Smart Home Upgrades.

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